Visual Artist




  • Born in Edmonton in 1951 and grew up in Mundare, Alberta. 
  • Completed a B.Ed. degree at the University of Alberta in 1974. 
  • Spent thirty two years as an art educator with students from grades seven to twelve.
  • Work is in private and public collections, such as Strathcona County, Energy Resources Conservation Board, City of Edmonton - Parks and Recreation. 

Artist's Statement

My work is informed by my interest in objects and places, perception and memory, and the processes that constitute creating art. The objects and places may be as close as my back yard or as far away as a street in a foreign city. In order to truly capture these objects and places as they exist in a particular moment in time, I use photography to aid in visual recollection. I have found that photographs of unusual, unexpected objects and settings, usually ephemeral events, are the most precious and provide a rich source of inspiration for my work.